Michael B Hair & Style is the brainchild of co founder’s Dalles & Maddisen Maxwell. Michael B Hair & Style was born in December 2008.

We set out to create a place that was warm cozy, welcoming with a positive vibe and minimal to no wait time. What sets us apart is our focus on hair care, because we know that healthy hair is the foundation of a great cut color and or style. One of our primary objectives is to design a custom tailored look or style with a styling regimen that suits your lifestyle and accentuates all of your best attributes, while providing you with top notch service each and every time you visit Michael B Hair & Style We specialize in a variety of hair textures ranging from straight, wavy, curly, and or kinky curly. Upon you’re first visit we give you a tour of our facility to get you familiar with us, and our space. We do a thorough hair consultation and hair evaluation; we then create a custom style plan to help you meet your hair and beauty needs.


Michael B Hair & Style is not only a Hair Salon, or a place to work. It’s how we look at things from a possibility perspective. It’s a proactive approach to problem solving and creative ingenuity. It is thoughtfulness, consideration, grace, and patience. It is integrity, which is the foundation for any worthy structure, concept, or idea to be built on. Michael B Hair & Style is attention to details, or the small things, because we know that all big things are made up of a bunch of little small things. This we do not take for granted. This is the Michael B way. It’s the standard by which we hold our selves accountable and measure our progress. The Michael B way means, doing it the best way possible, and giving 100% a hundred percent of the time. This is our company Culture and Philosophy. It’s what we use to navigate through the challenges we will encounter, on the way to reaching our strategic Objective.